Luxury Safaris. Revisiting the beauty of Africa

Every time we think of Africa we are transported to a land of magical colours, beautiful landscape, caring people and wild nature. Although most of its landscape is still untouched, rapid touristic developments are being constructed in its most notorious locations. Yet don’t worry; we know the idea of a holiday in a place full of tourists, children and crowds does not sound very appealing, that’s why we’ve chosen two places where we feel you will be able to enjoy the majestic sights and at the same time relax in privacy and in style. Hopefully this sounds more appealing. These lodges come with everything you can expect from an African Safari, guarding the rustic décor and style but featuring all of the comforts of any 5 star Hotel.
Kenya, the classical Safari:
Luxury Safaris in Kenya remain to this day one of the most popular tours in Africa. It is difficult to choose when you are presented with so much information, but happily for travellers, Kenya has a lot to offer. There are still very remote places with incredible sights and plenty of natural reservations around the country. A good place to start is to get in contact with Micato tours, who have plenty of expertise and will help you choose the perfect destination.
Furthermore, we would recommend taking a look at the Sabuk Lodge located about an hour flight from Nairobi (Or 6 hours drive). Hidden in the plateau of Laikipia, central Kenya; it has its own private nature reservation, meaning there are no rules about staying in the vehicle. Here you will be able to see Kenya up close, on foot, far away from the noise of car engines. Each of their guest cottages has a unique design featuring crafts from local stones and wood, giving it a fascinating and very traditionally African feel. The hotel also features a beautiful infinity pool and plenty of open spaces to unwind in. Due to Laikipia’s pleasantly warm and dry weather, the cottages are open to the elements allowing you to enjoy stunning views of the night sky. In addition, some of their rooms have a sensation named “under the big sky” meaning that you will literally sleep under the stars.


Zambia and Victoria Falls:
Zambia´s Victoria Falls must be one of the most impressive and most visited sights of Africa. Located close to the border with Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is a reminder of the awesome strength and beauty of Mother Nature. Although very popular with tourists, we have found the perfect luxury spot to relax and enjoy some privacy not too far from the famous falls.
Just a stone’s throw from Livingston, there is a hidden private Island that offers a 5 star treatment with the charms of rustic Africa. Sindabezi Island Camp is a unique private island located in the middle of the Sambezi River and offers 5 thatched cottages to stay in, dotted around the shores of the island. Each cottage has open fronts facing to the river, meaning you will be waking up with enjoying some incredible views the sounds of the river and nature. Importantly, each cottage has its own private view, making it the perfect romantic getaway. The outdoor shower completes the idea of wild living. Although the hotel does not have electricity, the staff will kindly take care of charging in case you run out of battery for your camera. At night, you are transported to a world of yesterday as the Camp offers a unique dining in the sand, where you will be impressed by the clear sky and the unmistakable sound of hippos.

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