A week in New York. Do, see, eat

One of the incredible things about a visit to New York is that everywhere seems familiar. New York has featured so often in films and TV shows that landmarks like Grand Central Terminal (Station), the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and of course the Empire State Building feel like old friends. Even the streets seem familiar, with the ever-present yellow cabs and the names of areas such as Greenwich Village, Manhattan and Brooklyn are very evocative.
One of the must-do activities during a visit to New York is a shopping trip. It is quite easy to spend all day around the huge department stores such as Macy’s (on Broadway between 34th and 35th Streets) and Bloomingdales (on 59th Street) and the whole experience can be very pleasant with huge areas for men to wait in comfort while their wives, girlfriends or daughters try on the tempting items (men have be known to fall asleep in the comfortable chairs!) For the more discerning shopper 5th Avenue is the place to go for shopping with designer stores like Versace, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Gucci and Prada as well as the world famous Saks 5th Avenue store. As well as clothing stores 5th Avenue is also home to other luxury item retailers such as Cartier and Tiffany & co.
It is probably unlikely that you will be able to have “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” during a visit to New York but an alternative to that would be Sunday brunch at the View revolving restaurant , located in the New York Marriott Marqis hotel on Broadway. What better way to spend a leisurely Sunday than with a lovely brunch accompanied by a champagne mimosa while the fantastic New York skyline passes in front of your eyes. If brunch doesn’t appeal there are dinner options and the Lounge located above the restaurant serves cocktails.
While you are on Broadway why not go to one of the shows in this world-famous theatreland? You can enjoy a show from the privacy of your own box at many of the theatres.
There are two unforgettable ways to see all the sights of the New York islands one is on a helicopter tour and there are many companies offering this opportunity. The other is by boat and the Bateaux New York Dinner Boat Tour offers you the opportunity to enjoy good food, listen to the a jazz band playing and enjoy the spectacular views of landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the United Nations Building.
You can enjoy the benefits of a private tour of the sights of the city. Many companies offer the chance for you to build an itinerary to visit the places that interest you. Wouldn’t you like to travel in style in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes S500, with your own personal guide showing you the sights that you really want to see?
Whatever you do in New York we are sure you will have a fantastic time. It is a unique city, bustling with life – truly “the city that never sleeps”.

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